10 Etsy Shops You Need This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to do some shopping and that means coming face to face with a thousand of conflicting ways to show your loved ones just what they mean to you. With any number of different retail giants pulling at your purse strings, finding a truly unique gift for the people you care about can be a real challenge. Go to any of the same old spots and you might be left with more of the same, wishing that you had stumbled across something one of a kind.

Luckily, however, there is another way. The world of Etsy is brimming with artisanal gifts, one of a kind pieces and handmade items. You can practically feel the love just by taking a glance at any page of any independent shop. When it comes to the website, however, there are a number of clear stars and perusing their unique offerings might just be the best way to show your loved ones how much they mean to you this holiday season. Are you prepped and ready? We’re about to do some serious shopping damage.


For the leather lover, you can’t do much better than inSidegift. Selling a bespoke range of leather goods, the Etsy store has nailed the world of unique, luxurious accessories. The man in your life will appreciate nothing more than the range of clean minimalist wallet designs, while soft leather passport holders make a great gift for any member of the family. If you like your leather goods buttery-smooth, then this is the shop for you.


Winter is the perfect time in which to raid your beauty cabinet, take stock of your perfumes and load up on a whole new collection of new scents. If you’re on the hunt for a range of bespoke perfumed goods, then nothing will serve you better that Firebird. Stocked up with lip balms, soaps, body lotions and pure perfume oils, the store is the perfect place to peruse a scent or two and in the process, you might just end up picking yourself something, too!


For the person in your life who has it all, you need ENDEsign. Selling a range of whimsical and unique ceramics, the Etsy shop is well stocked on one a kind cups and homeware. Lifestyle lovers should pay serious attention to the sets of porcelain head cups; in the gift scheme of things, they’re real head turners.

Shili Confetti

You can’t have the winter season without a few knitwear accessories and out all of the independent designers, Shili Confetti is one of the best out there. Presenting a series of brightly colored knits, pillows, throws and everything in between, the Etsy shop provides you with plenty of opportunity to stay warm this holiday season. Throw in a funky pattern or two and you might just be sold on the entire collection.

The Coffee Registry

If your holiday season is all about what you’re drinking, then you need to pay attention to The Coffee Registry. Selling a collection of bespoke filter coffee makers, the Etsy store is noted for its attention to detail and effortless design. There’s no better way to spend the holiday season then steeped in hot drinks and with The Coffee Registry you and your loved ones can do it in style.

Rue des Louves

If the French know about anything at all, then it’s chic style. Luckily, you can grab yourself a full Gallic look, all without having to hop across the pond. Rue des Louves is an Etsy shop with a difference; selling a collection of homeware, it specializes in French vintage, giving any room that finishing effortless style that everyone covets.

Mullein and Sparrow

Know someone that’s really into beauty? You need to take a look at Mullein and Sparrow. Manufacturing all of their products in Brooklyn, the Etsy shop specializes in all things hair, skin and body, selling some products that will change the way you approach beauty entirely. Finished in pretty vintage packaging, Mullein and Sparrow products will never disappoint.

Glory Boon

If you want to get a little more ethical with your seasonal shopping, however, you should turn your attention to Glory Boon. Selling a collection of makeup and beauty products, the Etsy store follows a natural, cruelty-free production process, ensuring that none of their cosmetics harmed any animals when being made. Apart from being all round lovely in their approach to manufacturing, Glory Boon also create some pretty covetable products, which are sure to delight any makeup nut in your life.


It’s 2015, and if you’re not into minimalist jewelry, then you’ve seriously been missing out on a trick. Producing some of the prettiest and simplest pieces on Etsy, jungwha follow the “less is more” approach in their line of jewelry, pushing out some of the best everyday pieces around. While their pendant necklaces and sweet bracelets are all worth looking at, it’s their collections of rings where their message really shines through. Stamp your gift with your loved one’s initial and be in their good graces for years to come.

Yao Cheng

One of the most talented illustrators out there, Yao Cheng sure can design some bespoke homeware. Selling a number of individual prints, cushion covers and towels through her popular Etsy site, the designer is at the top of her game, renowned for her attention to botanical detail. Home lovers can’t get enough of the delicate watercolor prints, so snaffle yours up before it’s too late!