Essential A List Travel Tips For A Dream Vacation

Jetting off into the sunset is something that many of us fantasize about doing and yet, the realities of modern travel can wreak havoc with our best laid plans, transforming our effortless stay in the airport lounge into something that more closely resembles a nightmare. Travel can often be stressful for reasons that are out of our control and yet, if we simply changed our approach and took our time about the whole ordeal, we could make it into something much more enjoyable. It’s time we took a cue from the people who really know what they’re talking about.

Celebrities might have access to some of the best travel in the world but even that doesn’t stop them from having to deal with the same kinds of checks and processes and we have to. Given their time in the air, however, many of the A listers that we love so dearly have picked up a whole range of tips and cheats, helping to make their travel experiences as comfortable as they could be and now, it’s time for you to take influence from those who know it best. Are you ready to travel like a star? Come fly with us.

Have A Facial On The Plane – Chrissy Teigen

While whipping out all of your cosmetic products while you’re mid flight can seem a little much, you can try streamlining your carry on makeup bag to include the essentials for your trip. Air travel is notoriously harsh on the skin and when you’re going to be making long trips, you might want to take something along to keep your face glowing for your arrival. Facial spray and sheet masks are a great way of keeping your skin moisturized and fresh, without any of the extra mess. Try using the products half an hour before you land; that way, you will arrive looking rested and fresh, no matter how tired you might actually feel.

Drink Your Weight In Water – Jennifer Aniston

While actually drinking your weight in fluids might leave you in a mad dash to the bathroom, you should make sure to hydrate sufficiently throughout your trip. Keeping your body’s fluid levels is a great way of staying hydrated, feeling alert when you’re struggling with jetlag and flushing out any toxins that might have built up along the way. Try sipping on a large bottle throughout your flight; that way, you will land feeling and looking at your very best!

Top Up Your Immune System – Jessica Alba

When you travel, you expose your body to a whole set of germs and bacteria and often, you can pick up a bug or two on your flight. In order to give yourself a fighting chance against infection, make like Jessica Alba and take a few vitamin C tablets before you fly. During the flight, you can also fight against germs. By keeping a hand sanitizer in your bag, you can keep your hands fresh and clean, warding off anything that might come in your path.

Travel With Weights – Karlie Kloss

Staying in shape can be hard when you’re on the go and even though you might be on vacation to relax, you can still keep your body looking and feeling at its best. To avoid finding a local gym when you arrive, try traveling with a few small weights and resistance bands in your hold luggage. You can quickly work out in your room when you arrive and keep your fitness levels ticking over.

Stretch Out With Yoga – Alessandra Ambrosio

When you travel for long stretches of time, you can end up feeling all the worse for it when you land and even if you make sure to keep moving mid flight, your muscles can really pay the price on the other side. To avoid any strains and keep yourself feeling limber, try stretching out from your flight with a little yoga when you get to your hotel. You can strengthen your muscles, iron out any knots that might have built up and effectively destress before your holiday really begins.

Travel is something that many of us go through but by simply thinking through our routine before we step on board the plane, we can end up feeling and looking a million times better when we land. We might not have the cash to go for a private jet but armed with these A list travel tips, we’re guaranteed the trip of a lifetime.