Going On A First Date? Here’s How To Find The Perfect Look

Different events require different styling techniques. Knowing what to wear for your casual and working life is, generally speaking, a walk in the park. Thanks to the existing dress codes in these areas, it is relatively easy to kit yourself out in the right kinds of styles. But when it comes to first dates? The rules are a lot more murky. Dressing for a first date is all about making a good first impression and feeling comfortable and often, sparking a balance between the two factors is easier said than done. Luckily, however, there are a whole load of experts out there who know what they’re talking about.

First dates are a tricky social function to master, but going in there with something that makes you feel confident can give you a great upper hand. These styling tips should be offset with your own preferences but by including them in your next outing, you can make picking the perfect item a walk in the park.

Establish What Your Styling Rules Are

When it comes to the first date, we all have rules that we tend to follow. Whether you feel more comfortable pared down or want to dress to impress, it pays to know what works for you before you get going on selecting an outfit. Comfort should be your first priority, but it can be a huge spectrum according to each individual. You don’t have to wear jeans and sneakers, but you should dress in something that reflects who you are and how you normally dress. The first impression you give should only highlight the best qualities of your personality.

Select Your Style

Once you’ve decided what exactly it is that makes you comfortable, you can begin to think about the specific type of style that you wish to emulate. Knowing what the date is going to be before you go in can be a great way of establishing the kind of clothes that you might want to wear for it. If you’re going for a day date, a more casual, relaxed style might be the best thing for you. If, however, dinner or drinks are on the cards, don’t be afraid to style up your look to meet the occasion. In general, less is more, so if you’re piling on a number of different looks at one time, try paring things back a little.

Consider What You Would Wear For A Coffee Date

When you go out for a coffee, no matter who you go with, you tend to establish just the right balance of styling. The perfect balance between polished and casual should also be your marker for the first date, so try and bear your regular styling choices in mind as you select what you’ll be wearing. Comfortable staples tends to work best to boost your confidence and reflect who you are. The more relaxed you feel, the more your personality will be able to shine through.

How Would You Style Yourself For An After Work Drink?

Going for a first date straight from the office can be trickier to handle. While you might need to look smart during the day, you don’t want to appear to tightly laced during the date; the trick is to aim for a polished sort of comfort. Taking a small change with you to work can make switching up your working look a breeze. Try wearing a few staples and packing extra accessories or a top with you that you can easily change into. You will feel fresher after work and be able to relax a bit before your date in the evening.

What Would You Wear For Dinner?

Going for dinner on a first date can feel intimidating, but with a little forethought, the event can be easily styled. While you might be tempted to smarten up for a more formal occasion, you can add a pop of color in order to loosen up the look a little bit. Finishing off a neutral piece with a killer accessory is a great way of adding a touch of interest to the look. Tailored clothing can work particularly well, especially in the form of a great leather pant. Finish off your look with a neutral hell and you’ll be good to go.