No Boys Allowed: Essential Podcasts For The Every Girl

Listening to and learning from great women is something that we all aim to do in our lives. With tell all biographies from the likes of Lena Dunham and Amy Poehler making the publishing rounds, getting to the heart of what makes our favorite women tick has become easier than ever. In a few hundred pages, we can get up close and personal with the things that helped them to become who they are and by revealing their innermost thoughts they show us that they, too, experience all of the same insecurities as the rest of us.

Inspiring women are not just writing about their lives, either, and thanks to the rise of the podcast, it is easier than ever for us to understand some of the most successful in the world. While a medium spanning every topic imaginable, the podcast has taken off in a big way for women’s listening and now, there are a number of shows which are simply unmissable. If you’re new to the world of podcasts, never fear; follow this listening guide and rest back in the sweet knowledge that everything you hear will be hilarious, heart-warming and just a little bit honest.

Slumber Party With Alie & Georgia

Let’s get to the heart of the really good stuff. Since taking off in 2009, this two-women podcast has taken off in a really big way and now, it has given way to its own cult following of eager listeners. Recorded in California, the podcast does exactly what it says on the tin, with the two hosts discussing crushes, education, breakups and everything in between, usually with a special guest. The episodes are always hilarious and touching in equal measures, and will change the way that you listen to the radio. If you can’t get enough of the duo, you can also follow their exploits on the Cooking Channel, where they just got their own show.

Throwing Shade

If you’re looking for something with more of a political edge, however, you will turn your attention to Throwing Shade. A feminist podcast, it focuses on all things LGBT and female related, discussing current news and events around the world. If you’re worried that the issues discussed sound a little too specialist, don’t be; the hosts both contribute to Funny Or Die and always spin their issues with an incredibly entertaining edge. As each episode is topical, you can start the series wherever you like, meaning there’s no better time in which to start than now.

I Seem Fun: The Diary Of Jen Kirkman

Recorded from the bed of host Jen Kirkman, this podcast is as intimate as they come and feels like you’re having a chat with a friend in your pajamas. Spanning topics as diverse as acts against feminism and extreme iTunes reviews, the podcast jumps from one theme to the next, just as you might in conversation. Jen herself is funny and cynical in equal parts, making listening to the podcast a real joy.

Girl On Guy

Taking a popular theme and spinning it on its head, Girl On Guy sees host Aisha Tyler interviewing a different creative each week, who is usually a guy. Parodying the popular “comic interviews an artist” format, Girl On Guy presents the phenomena in a different light, with Aisha lightly poking fun at the genre of podcast. While the episodes do go into the creative industry, they do so in a conversational style, making listening along feel like you’re talking to your friends.

Ronna & Beverly

It’s not just about non-fictional podcasts, however, and across the board, there are a great number of series which use fictional characters as their backbone. Ronna & Beverly follows exactly this format, detailing the lives of the two eponymous Jewish mothers. While they often bring in celebrity guests for interviews, they also run through their elaborate 40 year history that forms the basis of who they are and what they think. If you grew up missing the Jewish mother you never had, this is the podcast for you.

Whatever the genre or topic, there are a great deal of podcasts out there to meet any kind of listening style. Getting advice through the lives, thoughts and careers of these women, you can take a little inspiration along with you wherever you go. All that’s left to do is subscribe, load up your phone and go along for the podcast ride.

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