3 Work Outfit Ideas You Didn’t Know You Needed

Work outfit ideas

Deciding what to wear to work 5 days of the week can eventually get overwhelming and tedious. Often, you don’t have enough time or energy to use the extra hour before work to try on different outfits and put together a killer office look.

If you want to look professional and feel confident every day at work, dressing boring is not an option. We’ve rounded up the best work outfit ideas to get you going from Mondays to Fridays.

What to Wear to Work

Let your passion for fashion shine through with these work outfit ideas.

1. Classy is the Way to Go

You can never go wrong with dress pants or skirts paired with a silky blouse, a men’s shirt, or a casual structured top. You can also add a blazer for a more professional look.

This is the easiest way to nail the office wear game without having to put in much effort. To make sure it doesn’t get boring, always add a statement piece or a classy item to your look (bag, shoes, and watch). Little details like nail and lip color can also make a huge difference!

2. Careless yet Chic

If you’re someone who likes to stand out and has a penchant for women’s workwear, you’ll love this street-style-worthy look.

The idea is to throw different style items together and experiment with different shapes and looks to get all heads turning at work. You can wear a pair of slouchy jeans with a fitted shirt, formal trousers with a loose blouse, a nice sweater with wide-legged pants, or an oversized shirt on top of a mid-length skirt.

While heels look best with these kinds of outfits, you can rock the look with oxfords or brogues as well.

3. Too Glam to Give a Damn

One of the best ways to look bold, stylish, and unique at work all at the same time is by walking in glam office attire. Think high heels, bright lips, and outfits that can go from 9 am to late-night dinner parties.

On days when you feel extra, go for rich fabrics, statement necklaces, and massive bags. You can wear a silky blouse with a pencil skirt or long trousers. Put on an expensive perfume, a pair of fabulous heels, and a nice watch to complete the look.

Get ready to look stylish and run the world with these work outfit ideas!