Eco Warrior: 5 Fair Trade Fashion Brands To Get Behind

As we march into the future, it’s all about doing the best we can for the planet. Whether it’s what we eat, how we get around or the way we dispose of our waste, increasing numbers of us are doing all that we can in order to reduce our carbon footprint and improve the state of the globe. It should come as no surprise, then, that the fashion industry has also fallen into line and now, many clothing brands are following an entirely eco friendly message, pulling out some of the most environmentally friendly and stylish designs. With so many different companies calling for your attention, though, getting started can be a real challenge and before long, you might get lost in a world of eco friendly pieces. Have no fear. Getting behind the green message is an incredibly positive step and while there are a huge number of companies out there, these ones might just take the cake.

Ready to get fighting? It’s time to become an eco warrior.

People Tree

Want a brand that really cares? People Tree should be your go to clothing source. With a history dating back more than 20 years, the clothes company are renowned for supporting fair trade producers and suppliers, ensuring that all involved in the manufacturing process get their fair share for the amount of work they put in. The brand also champions cotton supply in the industry, seeing the production of the material through from start to finish, ensuring that all stages are carried out to the highest degree of care. Better yet, the fashion they put forward is clean, minimalist and timeless; perfect for any time of the year!


Looking for something with a little more color? Feast your eyes on Mayamiko, one of the boldest and most vibrant eco brands around the world. Going directly to the source, the UK based company works with disadvantaged communities in Malawi in order to source and and create their entirely Fair Trade collections. While Mayamiko started off as a charity, it soon became a way to help poorer communities get off the ground and earn money from their own skills. Mayamiko’s clothes might be stylish and chic but woven into each garment is an individual story; you just need to look a little more closely.

Made Fair

Presenting ethical, sustainable and Fair Trade collections, Made Fair hits the eco message and then some. Acting as an antidote to fast, throw away fashion, the brand believes in sustainable, quality goods, presenting collections that will last well into the future. Individual pieces might be modern and contemporary but in their quality and design, they can be worn for years to come. Fashion might be changing, but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be durable.

Amour Vert

Selling to the eco every girl around the world, Amour Vert is chic and green in equal measures. As well as following a zero waste policy, the fashion brand produces clothes in specially engineered fabrics, designed to be flattering, comfortable and incredibly durable into the future. If you’re a shopaholic with an environmentally friendly message, this might just be the brand for you.


Working directly with artisans in Peru, Nisolo is an authentic a fashion brand as they come. Providing a platform on which local creatives and producers have the chance to sell their goods and receive correct compensation for their efforts, the brand is helping to shape communities, leading the disadvantaged into a fairer future. Not only are all items painstakingly hand made but also, are of the very best quality, meaning that you get exactly what you pay for. Sustainable, chic and Fair Trade? Now that’s something to get behind.

With the future of trade very much up in the air, how we shop and dress at this point in time has never been more important. Thanks to the interests of Fair Trade organizations around the world, taking part in a fairer future is now a relative breeze and if you follow the right brands, you can help to pave the way to a greener, more sustainable world. The globe is a big place; it is up to us to make sure that we make the most out of it that we can.

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