Why a Nighttime Skincare Routine Is Important

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Given the importance of a nighttime skincare routine, it’s a wonder why so many of us get lazy when dusk approaches. Sure, work can leave you exhausted, but where’s the sense in letting your skin pay the price for deadlines that have been leaving you exhausted?


If a push is what you need, here are three reasons why you need to stick to a nighttime skincare regimen.

Your Skin Repairs Itself at Night

Just like you unwind after the sun goes down, your skin also rejuvenates when you’re fast asleep. Cells in the outermost layer of your skin reproduce at night. This process replaces aged cells that make your skin look haggard and lifeless.

This also primes your skin to absorb the products you apply more effectively, which is why nighttime creams tend to be richer and more nourishing. Moreover, if there are certain skin problems you wish to target, having a solid evening routine is the best way to go about it.

Specific Products for Nighttime

We know what you’re thinking; this is just a marketing gimmick. The truth is, your skin needs different products during the day and night, respectively. The former is all about prepping your skin to counter the effects of the elements once you step out the door. The latter, as we mentioned earlier, is more about cell generation. This basic difference is what warrants the need for two different sets of products.

Manageable Skin During the Day

Consistently treating your skin to a nighttime routine will make it less prone to damage caused by sun exposure, heat, and stress. Ample hydration during the night does wonders when it comes to a clear complexion and firm, supple skin.


There you have it; the significance of a nightly skincare routine. After all that pampering, your skin will pay you a glowing tribute in more ways than one.