Why You Should Ditch Spotify & Apple Music for TIDAL

I’ve been a long time supporter of Spotify for years. They’ve given me practically everything I’ve needed with the paid version – a good user interface, no commercials, over 35 million songs, great recommendations based on their special algorithm, and quality of 320Kbps AAC. I was happy, I didn’t think I needed anything else.

But being the music snob that I am, I like to test out new products and platforms that make their way into the space. When Apple Music was announced, I was optimistic. I’m an Apple gal through and through – laptop, desktop, iPhone, iWatch – you name it, I love it. I’m sure to love this too, right? Well, let’s just say I was happy I hadn’t canceled my Spotify Premium subscription. The interface was terrible – practically unusable. And to top it off, the sound quality, 256Kbps AAC, just wasn’t up to par when listening on my home sound system. Sure, Apple Music may have a 45 million song library (roughly 10 million more than Spotify), but that doesn’t make up for the shortcomings. I immediately canceled my Apple Music free trial.

I remember first hearing about TIDAL in 2015, but the talk around it wasn’t positive and I was content with Spotify so I just let it be. But over the past year, more and more talk about the sound quality had me interested. I found a link for 30 free days of TIDAL and signed up to test it out.

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The first thing I noticed was the interface. It’s quick, clean, easy to use, with Spotify-like algorithmic recommendations. Check, check and check. Now onto the good stuff: sound quality.

Let’s just say – it definitely checks out. When listening on my Bose SoundTouch 30 sound system, the songs were clearer, crisper, and more defined. While TIDAL also streams at 320Kbps AAC like Spotify, the TIDAL HiFi subscription uses FLAC files which offer supreme CD-quality audio. Spotify and Apple Music both stream using MP3/AAC files, which are compressed to decrease file size and result in a much lower sound quality.

What’s more, TIDAL recently released a new music format: Master Quality Authenticated. This format sends music directly to your speakers or headphones as it was recorded in the studio – basically the way it was intended. Not every album has this format available, but they are releasing more and more each week, and the sound is absolutely superior to anything i’ve listened to before.

TIDAL also has more than 60 million music tracks (70% more than Spotify), 75,000 music videos, beauty tutorials, exclusive tracks, and exclusive early access to concerts and special events.

On top of all that, they just announced TIDAL X: Festival Season, where TIDAL members can livestream this season’s most anticipated music festivals. So far on the lineup is 88rising’s Head In The Clouds Music & Arts Festival (8/17), Made in America (8/13-9/1), and Lil Weezyana Festival (9/7). It was a no brainer for me – I cancelled Spotify and haven’t looked back.

I urge you to experience 30 free days of TIDAL for yourself. You can cancel anytime before your trial period ends and you won’t be charged a dime. Or you keep listening for $9.99/month. It’s that easy. Trust me, you won’t look back!