Secrets of Women Who Maintain a Healthy Weight but Never Diet

Every woman knows that person who claims that they can eat anything and never gain a pound. And in a few rare cases these ladies are actually blessed with the metabolism of a hummingbird and are being honest. But in most cases, the women who never seem to diet but maintain a stable weight are the ones who have mastered a few simple secrets when it comes to their weight and how it impacts their overall health.

Hydration is Critical

Drinking a lot of water is very important to staying hydrated and giving all of the parts of your body the ability to function efficiently. And despite all of the creative marketing material for sports drinks and zero calorie drinks, there really is no substitute for water when it comes to hydration. Unfortunately, many ladies consume a great number of calories in their drinks and are still not getting enough water to remain hydrated. Experts point out that if you feel the thirst sensation, then your body is already in the early stages of dehydration. Keeping a water bottle handy or a pitcher of water to help remind you to consume the original zero calorie drink. In addition to hydration, the water will help you to feel more full and reduce your calorie intake from food.

Keep Special Occasions Special

When you see slim ladies enjoying a desert after dinner you are probably witnessing the exception and not the norm. Ladies who only indulge in a treat on occasion are much better at managing their weight. Making everyday a special occasion is simply an excuse to over indulge. In addition to helping with health goals, consuming treats sparingly actually increases your enjoyment of the reward. The law of diminishing returns applies to desert as well as finances. Anything that you do or eat regularly becomes a part of your routine and is then less enjoyable. Keep special deserts or calorie laden lattes for special occasions and you will enjoy them more and truly feel rewarded and indulgent.

There are No Bad Dogs or Bad Foods

Food is not a person and it doesn’t have a personality or desire to cause you harm. Yes, some foods have more calories just like some dogs have more energy and are more excitable. But the choice of how to handle each of these potentially “bad” things is solely up to you. All food is best consumed in moderation. There is no one perfect superfood that you should consume in mass quantities to guarantee good health and fitness. Managing your calorie and fat intake is more about the total number at the end of the day and not each tiny item. But when you do indulge in a high calorie item realize that you need to account for those calories for the rest of the day. So a tiny bite could leave you very hungry later in the day after consuming your regular calorie intake.

Be Realistic

For most of the world, managing calories and your activity level are going to have a huge impact on your weight. So accepting what your metabolism is and learning to manage it is the toughest part of the battle. Lots of water and moderation are the two best kept secrets in the “diet” world.



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