8 Health Benefits of Black Seed Oil

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Black seed oil comes from Nigella Sativa plant seeds native to Asia. Arabic and Indian folklore referred to these seeds as the “seeds of blessing” attributing to the powerful ability of the plant to treat asthma, ease inflammation, aid in digestive issues, and treat multiple other ailments of the body. Read on to learn 8 amazing health benefits of BSO.


Black seed oil was used in a study conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research and the findings were very promising. The study showed the power of black seed oil in the prevention and management of Type 1 AND Type 2 diabetes. Their findings showed the oil caused the pancreatic cells to partially regenerate. This lowered both serum insulin concentrations and previously high serum glucose levels. The study mentioned the improvement of glucose tolerance from the oil performing as well as a popular diabetes drug, but without the side effects. (Do not stop taking any prescription medication without consulting your physician).


Black seed oil has been shown to have powerful cancer cell fighting properties. Thymoquinone is the active compound in the oil and has multiple benefits. These include the reduction of size in malignant colon tumors, induction of cell death in breast and pancreatic cancer cells, and help in stopping the spears of cancer.


For those worried about liver damage, black see oil can be very helpful. It works to rejuvenate the antioxidants depleted in the body after radiation or other radioactive chemical exposure. It has been shown to protect against liver damage normally incurred from the effects of toxic metals. Black seed oil can be used in cases of hepatic ischemia reperfusion injury in combination with other treatments.


The anti-inflammatory effects of black seed oil are powerful. The thymoquinone compound is effective in decreasing inflammation of the body, including in cases of osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis. The compound works to inhibit inflammation causing substances. This also is helpful for those fighting allergies. Scientists have confirmed the ability of the compound to inhibit the molecules that cause inflammation in the lungs from an allergic source. After using BSO for two weeks—people suffering from allergic rhinitis should start to see relief from the symptoms of congestion, itchy/ runny nose, sneezing attacks, and excess mucus.


Acne is found to be healed with the potent powers of black seed oil. Applying it topically has endless benefits, including anti-aging magic. The anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and immunomodulatory properties have numerous benefits to the health of the skin. Research has shown acne can be resolved in less than two months by incorporating black seed oil into the daily skin regimen.

Infection and Yeast

A huge problem in the medical field is the current state of antifungal and antibacterial resistance. Researchers and scientists have already been spending time thinking outside of the box for solutions. Black seed oil is a promising one in itself, as it has already been found to help stop the growth of candida yeast and staph infections. Since the modern diet is full of processed sugars, it is wonderful news to hear BSO may work to fight candida.

Body Weight

Weight loss is attributed to many healthy ways of life, but one of them not normally considered is oil. However, black seed oil works to promote weight loss because its ability to decrease inflammation while improving glucose tolerance in the body. Adding in the benefits to liver health, the results are a great contribution towards achieving a normal body weight, without the hidden dangers of fad dieting.

Immune System

As mentioned previously, black seed oil works in prevention radiation damage to the body. Consuming the oil is a great way for naturally increasing your own immunity. The oil has the power to restore the body’s fight against lethal and viral infections alike. The black seed oil works to enhance the T-cells in the body. They are also called the ‘Killer-T cells.’

Purchasing BSO

When searching for black seed oil make sure the product is organic, cold-pressed, and packaged in a dark glass. There should be no additives in the black seed oil if it is truly pure. There are other names black seed oil may be packaged under; including black cumin oil and black oil. Read the ingredient list to verify you are spending your money on a pure product. Amazon, the internet, and local health food stores are all places you can find black seed oil for sale.