Creative Ideas to Optimize Dead Space and Organize Your House

Welcome to a world full of cool and imaginative ideas when it comes to home improvement projects! Use this article full of creative and innovative ideas as a guide to optimizing the space in your house when you are considering how to plan your next dream home improvement project.

If you are already planning a home renovation or a small remodel this summer, go ahead and consider some of these unique ideas to organize your home. The point of any renovation or remodel is to make something better, and with these ideas you can really ensure you will get a house that works better for you and your family while optimizing the house space you already own.


Turn your walls into interactive and living spaces. Magnetic walls are strong enough to hold your TV and sturdy shelves! They are large panels that can be installed during renovation or a remodel freeing up floor space. Chalkboard paint is an imaginative way to communicate with your family or turn a wall into part of the kids daily art routine. A completely unique way to go green and start towards your own sustainability at home is by implementing a partial or full green living wall. The green vertical walls include soil typically to keep greenery growing and they include their own integrated water system.

Take advantage of the dead space in your home by remodeling it into creative storage space. One innovative idea is to install a platform floor in one room. It’s a fabulous place to hide all your stuff and the space doubles as a guestroom, bedroom or office. If the platform is built high enough, it can also become a bed. Take advantage of the empty space underneath the steps of the staircases by installing built in bookshelves or shoe racks that slide out.

Take your kitchen and start making it work for you. Use pull out cabinets on wheels that slide underneath a flat counter top you install to double your kitchen counter space that instantly becomes usable. Find dead space at the bottom of a wall or the end of your kitchen island and install a built-in wine rack to optimize space. Add a mini-fridge underneath your cabinets or into your island to store drinks, beer and extra snacks. Add chutes in the wall of the kitchen for recycling and trash. This idea is genius for people tired of garbage smelling or piling up!

Install accordion glass doors or windows to enjoy the great outdoors from inside the comforts of your own home. This home characteristic is enticing for those fall evenings as well as becoming the perfect open space combining the elegance of a dinner party with the fun outside barbeque for entertaining guests. Another way to enjoy the great outdoors from inside is to trade the same ceiling you’ve gazed at for years in for a star-gazing sunroof instead. The sunroof can be a great addition in your living room or the bedrooms.

Turn your fireplace into much more than just a fireplace. Add built-in seating to the frame of the fireplace. You may want to leave bare or customize for a reading nook with cushioned seats. Another idea is to build a fireplace that is dual-sided and functional for the two rooms it is between (for example, the master bedroom and bathroom). The two-sided warmth will give any master suite or home area a truly unique, elegant look. If you are tired of the plain old red brick look, whitewash the bricks or paint them with a bright color that pops to revitalize the fireplace!

There is dead space all over every residential property and when you are looking to turn your house into a better home for you and your family, then utilizing the space not being used is the most cost-effective way to make the most out of your time and money. Be sure to take the time to figure out what is going to make you the happiest (since you most likely manage the entire house) and what will help your family run the smoothest. For instance, if your closets are overflowing with shoes and the kids can’t ever find them, then installing additional shoe spaces is smart. If you do not drink wine, then installing a wine rack is pretty useless and a waste of money and space. What are the needs of your family? What cries for more storage in your home?

Use this information to lead the way towards your dream remodel that is just right for you and your family’s lifestyle.

6 Steps to Prepare Kids for the Big Move to the New House

After buying a new house there is a lot to do. Getting kids ready to move is often avoided, but is one of the most important steps in moving to a new home. While packing and planning seem to be the larger issues at hand, preparing kids to move is not an issue that should get pushed aside. Take the time to involve your children in the process right from the start to make sure they know their voice counts. Moving can be challenging for kids and it is normal for them to feel the entire move is out of their control.

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During the challenges surrounding moving time, get the children involved so they have a grip on what is going on in their lives and future. In order to ensure your children feel involved and have control over at least part of the life changing event, you can try the following six tips.

  1. Encourage your children to ask questions and honestly answer them. Most times kids will want to know all about the new school they will be attending, the neighborhood they will be moving into, if there are kids their age around, and what types of sports teams will be available. In addition they may want to know if making new friends will be hard, if their beloved pet is moving too, and why they have to move.


  1. Tell your child about their new room and get input from them about the décor. Just as you are excited about your new house, your child will be excited about the new space that is going to be theirs. Give your child as much information as possible about the new house, their new room, and what décor possibilities exist. They can help to decide where furniture will go and the color of paint they hope to get on their walls.


  1. Help your child create a memory book and address book of all their current friends. With a simple email or postage stamp, your child will be able to keep in touch with all of their current friends, coaches, teachers, and neighbors. Help them plan their goodbyes whether it is a going away party, slumber party, or separate events to ease them into the moving process. Putting together a memory book or scrapbook of their favorite memories and goodbye moments will help them when they start missing their friends after the move.


  1. Give them tasks with their personal belongings. Ask your child to go through their room, toys, clothing, and other belongings to determine what needs to go and what can be donated or sold off. You can even let them have their very own yard sale to make some money if the weather is permitting. By giving them the responsibility of sorting and helping to pack their belongings, they will feel more involved in the physical process of moving to a new home.


  1. Instruct your children in how to make a Moving Survival Kit. By helping them decide what essentials they need for moving day(s), they will have everything they need from the time they leave the old house until they get settled in the new home. Everything from books, games, clothes, hygiene essentials, gifts from friends, and photos can be packed in the suitcase or special box to keep them busy and having fun while on the road. In addition, they will enjoy being able to decorate the Moving Survival Kit in their own style.


  1. Schedule time for visiting the favorite places to say goodbye. Is there a special park your child loves to visit? What about an ice-cream shop, restaurant, swimming pool, or museum that they live to go to? Ask your child where their favorite places are that they want to visit before moving and do everything to make sure at least one or two favorite places are included in the weekly schedules prior to moving. Mark the calendar to keep them excited about the final goodbyes to their favorite places.

By preparing your children for the big move, you can ensure that they feel like part of the family and part of the process the entire time. Make every effort to answer every question they have about the move and do everything possible to help them say their goodbyes for a smooth moving transition.

Getting Back in Touch with Cash and Budgeting

Budgeting. Everyone has heard of it, but how many people actually know how to do it? How many women actually make a budget and stick to it with their family? Money has become overwhelming, but do we actually think of our money as cash?

Budgeting and Saving Challenges are Wide-Spread

Paying the bills, saving for college and stashing away the dollars for retirement is not as easy as it used to be. In fact, it is a huge challenge for married families and single parents everywhere to budget and save money. Retirement is no longer the relaxing ‘haven of golden years’ like it was either.

Since times have changed, women are finding themselves on their own much longer than in previous years. Both genders are finding that their wages and the economy contributes less for saving, if any at all. College tuitions are consistently on the rise, the cost of rent and mortgages continues to soar, and women are stuck without the know-how, skills, and tools for achieving their financial goals.

These factors have significantly impacted our culture, resulting in the widespread epidemic of people not only struggling to maintain their present financial needs but are completely ill-prepared for their future financial obligations.

Technology and Cash

In order to get started, recognize that in this day and age we spend our cash earnings differently than our parents did. We never learned how to manage our money through technology because credit and debit cards were not used around the clock way money is spent in today’s world. However, we use technology for nearly all purchases. In other words, physical cards and automated technology have separated people from the actual concept of cash.

Stop the Separation from Cash Cycle

The separation from cash continues to get worse as consumers pay at retailers with their smartphones. If you and your family truly want to learn how to manage money and save for the future, then you must change the way you think about the money you have coming in. Your family will need to stop making random swipes of a card and clicks from the phone to buy unnecessary items. Once you take a good look at the incoming cash you can spend and how it is being used for bills and other purchases, you will be able to get a grasp on the amount of money everyone is spending. Print out all bank statements and credit card statements showing the last three months of purchases. Get all paycheck stubs together and add in any other incoming cash not paid via payroll check.

Start a Family Budget

At this step, your family needs to analyze all purchases in black and white and agree on which purchases will be cut going forward and which ones will remain. Make decisions here everyone can live with every day. For instance, a $3 coffee everyday on the way to work or school should be slashed. Coffee can be brewed at home for huge savings. Family members can pack lunches four days a week out of five versus buying out every day and enjoy a delicious meal out on Fridays. Make a plan for what will be spent going forward for each person in the household after figuring out the amount coming into the house every month and the amount going out for necessary bills. You must close the gap of separation your family has become accustomed to in regards to spending and establish a family budget everyone can get on board with so that bills can be paid while everyone else gets just what they need every month with an occasional reward. If there are reoccurring bills that aren’t a necessity or aren’t being used (monthly gym membership, magazines, etc.) then get them closed to save money monthly.

Manage Money with the App

Get a grip on spending by utilizing your bank or credit union mobile phone app to keep in touch with your money. Numerous credit card companies have fantastic apps for their customers to stay on top of their money and balances. Most institutions have advanced, easy to use interfaces to help you keep track of your money for better financial money management and with some you can digitally communicate with your family about their purchases and the budget for the week.

Why Women Restaurateurs and Baristas Need to Know More about Sustainability

Sustainability has become important for businesses across all industries in today’s earth conscious environment. Going green is an approach to business that creates long-term added value by factoring in how any given organization operates in the economic, social and ecological environment. The foundation of sustainability is based on the assumption that businesses who develop sustainable strategies will benefit from business longevity.

When it comes to business longevity, we are addressing the rise of women-owned restaurant businesses and the need to get in on the green business model right away. According to the US Census Bureau, the number of restaurant businesses opened up by women increased a whopping 40 percent between 200 and 2012! Since the number of women-owned coffee and restaurant businesses have jumped so much in recent years, it makes sense that women business owners may just become the forerunners of sustainability as customers beef up the demand for green everything.

Consumers Want More for Their Money

As customers expect more from corporations—their transparency becomes more prominent as well as the growing demand to become more responsible with sustainability. Good intentions and professional appearances are just not enough anymore. This effect has rolled all the way down from big corporations to the independent coffee café owner and restaurateur.

For example, the Nestlé Corporation has committed to promote sustainable efforts in areas of water efficiency, climate, product life cycle, and waste. As customers concerns continue to grow regarding environmental sustainability; more and more owners in the food, coffee, and restaurant businesses are looking for new ways to go green.

Going Green Won’t Cost You Green

If you are looking for ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your food or coffee business, then don’t worry because it is easier and cheaper than you think. Initiating sustainable efforts in your business will not just save you money and isn’t just the right thing to do—it makes for exceptionally good business. Besides saving money, you can finally put out the green image your customers are looking to support. Don’t stop with green products. Do what you can to minimize waste too, even if it is just small changes. Tell your customers what you are doing!

Coffee and Restaurant Tables, Chairs & Paper

Pretty much anything you want to use in your coffee shop or restaurant can be produced by using recyclable materials and when you incorporate creativity, the possibilities are endless. This includes chairs, tables, disposable utensils, food boxes and wrapping for takeout. Items such as eco-coffee cups, pine boat trays, Kraft napkins, brown palm leaf plates and eco paper straws are affordable alternatives to the traditional earth destroying plastics and Styrofoam products patrons are given for carrying their food and drinks out of an establishment. You can purchase these products through a number of sustainable packaging vendors.

Weighing the Coffee & Water

The most effective way to minimize waste in a coffee shop and restaurant is to pre-weigh the coffee for filter use, instead of using the standard method of guessing. In addition, you speed up service for manual brew orders while dramatically increasing the consistency and accuracy of guest orders. Ensure your filter coffee is made on a scale that has a volumetric water dispenser because if you aren’t weighing your water, it will be disastrous in more ways than one.

Cleaning Supplies

When you switch to non-toxic cleansers and biodegradable soaps, your food and drink patrons plus the employees will notice and realize you care about them—like, for real. Eco-friendly and green cleaning supplies, such as premium bio-detergents and green chemical aluminium safe dishwashing liquids are safer for your employees and yourself than harsh chemical cleaning supplies and they are a definite selling point for your business. Is there any better way to get the support of your employees and customers than by proving to them that their overall health and well-being matters to you?

The challenge for restaurateurs and baristas is in aligning their bottom line with social responsibility. Sustainable practices can save your business more money than you may realize, while catering to a customer base who’s demanding more from the companies they give their money to. If you are willing to take the time and the honest perspective to look at where you can go green and minimize waste in your establishment, then you will find new ways to attract customers, practice sustainability and cut costs. Sustainability is more than just a trend among consumers, it’s an investment in the future of yourself and your business.

3 Best Family Tips for Healthy Eating Habits

It has been said repeatedly that in order to form good eating and exercise habits that will a lifetime, good practices and techniques must be taught and learned at home. Use the following three strategies to help your family get more active and start choosing great-tasting, nutritious food instead of unhealthy, empty foods.

Bad Foods Shouldn’t Be Available

If you have the cupboards and fridge filled with unhealthy, bad foods then you and your family are much more likely to indulge in them versus ignoring the tasty temptations to eat a healthy snack instead. In order to get off the bad food cycle for the entire family at once, you have start at home. Pull out the paper bags and fill them up with the junk food to either toss out or give away.

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If you are going to have unhealthy foods in the house, then make sure they are just for special occasions or on a moderate basis (such as weekly). This will go towards preventing old habits from creeping their way back into your lives. Stock the fridge and shelves with healthy, nutritious choices that your family actually likes and will eat. Reduced-fat dairy, lean proteins, fresh fruits, raw vegetables, oatmeal, and natural smoothies are all great choices to please your family’s taste buds.

Put New Spins on Family Favorites & Eat Dinner as a Family

The best way to get your kids to explore their taste buds and try new foods is to eat dinner as a family. Put new spins on the foods your family loves that aren’t so healthy. For instance, bake French fries instead of frying or introduce baked sweet potato fries to the table. Use ground turkey for taco night. Get reduced-fat mozzarella cheese and pita bread for pizza night. Bake chicken fingers at home instead of buying the same ‘ole processed or fried chicken nuggets. When in the grocery store, have everyone pick out their favorite fruits and veggies they can’t wait to eat. Get the kids involved, and have them help make and cook the foods they are going to eat for dinner. The fun and pride of cooking makes them extremely excited and motivated to want to taste the foods they just helped to create.

Cut Down & Control Snacking

Kids and adults alike find themselves snacking through the day and then not eating a proper meal when it is time to sit down for lunch and dinner. Being less hungry also leads to kids being less willing to taste new foods, get proper nutrition and eat their vegetables. Set guidelines for snacking in your home and try to stick to a consistent schedule for meals to ensure better habits. Space all meals and snacks at least two hours apart. Don’t eat more than 2-3 snacks a day. Control portion sizes for everyone in the family and make sure most all snacks are no more than about 150 calories each. Air-popped popcorn, apple slices and peanut butter, healthy homemade trail mix, and low-fat organic Greek yogurt with fruit are all great options for snack time at home or on the go that will satisfy everyone’s sweet and salty cravings in a healthy way! For a frozen and healthy treat your family will love, pour your yogurt blends and fruit into Popsicle molds and put in the freezer.

Now is the time to get your family on the right track when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. While more and more people are screaming for healthier options, we still live in a culture obsessed with convenient and processed fake food options to satisfy our hunger pangs and sweet tooth. Explore how delicious real food can be right now and have the kids help to layout a menu of healthy meals they want to cook and eat for lunches and dinners. Don’t be surprised when the kids grow accustomed to the new routine before you do as they are much more likely to get on board if they are involved in the process and decisions along the way. Come up with activities and outings that focus on the family moving and having fun together rather than only having family time with everyone plopped on a couch or in a theater seat. Your family will reap the rewards and benefits of a healthy lifestyle starting at home faster than you can ever imagine once you get started.

DIY Herbal Hair Teas

When your hair cries out for more and is just dying for something new, herbal hair tea is what is hot! The DIY home hair recipe will deliver a ton of extra vitamins and nutrients to your hair, not to mention the added benefit of uncovering subtle colors and tints. Depending on what types of herbs are used in the hair tea recipe, a person can treat dry, oily, and thinning hair. Lavender, rose, and chamomile are popular in herbal hair teas. Whether you are looking for more volume, shine or highlights there is an herbal hair tea for your hair. Check out the herbal hair tea recipe in this article to get started.

Have Fun with It

Take your time and have fun with these recipes to make the most of the home hair treatment experience. Invite over some of your best girlfriends for a fabulous and productive evening! You can even setup the teen girls with their own herbal hair tea salon. Experiment with different herbs (dried plant material) until you find the hair response that makes you the happiest. There are endless possibilities to try out when it comes to the herbs you can use in your herbal hair tea.

Here are a few popular hair needs and ideas:

Oily / Dry Hair Types

When dealing with oily hair—use the combination of nettle, comfrey root, rosemary and burdock root herbs plus baking soda. For those with brittle or dry hair—use a combination of nettle, burdock root, comfrey leaves, and green tea herbs.

Fast Hair Growth and for People with Thinning Hair

In order to encourage faster hair growth, you can use the basic herbal hair tea rinse with five peppermint leaves and 1-2 rosemary branches. Simply follow the directions below and use at least one time a week to get optimal results.

DIY Natural Highlights

With the hair rinse recipe below, you can add some natural highlights to your lovely locks. Add 1/8 cup calendula and 1/8 cup chamomile and follow the same directions. Now you aren’t going to get the same type of highlights you will pay for at the salon, but a lighter more gentle tint and highlight is achieved.

DIY Natural Lowlights

If you want to go a bit darker in hair color, but don’t want to take a lot of risk, then add black walnut hull to the herbal hair tea recipe below to achieve it. Add ¼ cup of black walnut hull to the recipe to get an overall and natural darker tint. If you want to go darker, but don’t want to use dyes and chemicals, than this is the DIY organic way to go. It is important to note that the black walnut hull will stain your skin and clothing, so take care while adding to your hair.

The Basic Herbal Hair Tea Rinse Recipe


  • Saucepan or pot
  • Metal strainer, plastic strainer, or cheesecloth
  • Jar with lid
  • 1 cup of water
  • Plastic measuring cup or bowl
  • ¼ cup of selected dried plant material (herb)


  1. Put the water in the pot or saucepan and bring to a boil. While waiting for the water to boil, place the herbs (plant material) inside the jar. Pour the boiling water into the jar until the herbs are completely covered.
  2. Place the lid on the jar and let it sit in the jar for 20 minutes, allowing the plant material to infuse in the water. If you can leave it for longer, then do so. Let it sit for up to an hour for optimal benefits to your hair from the herbs.
  3. Remove the lid from the jar and strain the tea with the cheesecloth or strainer you chose. Repeat the straining until all the bits of plant are out. This typically will happen in two to three times. After several times, if a few pieces are left, it is okay, leave them alone.
  4. Get your plastic bowl or measuring cup and pour the tea into it for your herbal tea hair rinse.
  5. Shampoo and rinse your hair as normal. Pour the herbal tea rinse over your hair. Work the rinse through the hair to the tips with your fingers. A plastic measuring cup is recommended since it is easy to pour with the built-in spout.
  6. No need to rinse your hair after working the herbal hair tea through to the tips. If you want to rinse it out, you can, but it is unnecessary.
How to Survive Your Pregnant Summer without Sweating to Death

If you are already pregnant, then you know the hot days of summer are quickly approaching and that may frighten you. Humidity, heat, and the sun can be uncomfortable for the majority of people, but pregnant women endure a much greater toll of misery. For those with babies due in the summer and early fall, there is help to keep you cooler than you think, so don’t fret! With these tips, you can avoid feeling like you are roasting inside during the summer months.


Although you know you cannot drink alcohol, that doesn’t mean you should lessen your intake of fluids while carrying around your soon to be newborn. In fact, during the hot summer months, you need to add to your water and/or fluid intake to prevent dehydration. Normally, you need approximately two liters a day of clear liquids, but during the summer months you have to drink an extra eight ounces an hour while in the heat to accommodate for what you will sweat out.


People from all over love an icy cocktail on a hot summer day, but being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of this summer tradition. Of course, you dock the alcohol! Fun, icy, slushy drinks are not only delicious on a hot summer afternoon but they will help you from getting overheated. Grab cute coconut and beach themed cups from your local retailer for your yummy frozen cocktails. Combine a light splash of lime and mango juice to chilled seltzer water for a cold cocktail packed with iron and vitamin C. Prop your feet up, pretend you are at the beach staring at the ocean, and take a long chilly drink to cool off.


A great way to chill out a pregnant roasting woman is to eat a Popsicle. Instead of throwing tons of sugar and unnecessary calories down your throat from the frozen section of the grocery, make your own popsicles at home. Separate out your own selection of strawberries/blueberries, walnuts and Greek/nonfat yogurt. Combine them to a thickened state and then pour into Popsicle molds. Your sweet tooth get what it wants while your pregnant body gets much needed antioxidants, calcium, fiber, and omega 3’s in a frozen treat. If you pick up a cooler basket or cooler, you can pack them with you when out and about.


When it just seems that you cannot cool down no matter what you do, there is a simple solution. Take a dip in water. Going for a swim or even a simple dip in the pool will lower your body temperature (Yay!!) plus you enjoy the benefits of easing the stress on squished organs (normal during pregnancy) while getting a fabulous low-impact workout. Imagine staying cool during a calorie burn when pregnant! Every mama-to-be deserves to show off the belly in the summer, so don’t you are shy away from the pool.

Worst case scenario, if you don’t have access to a pool, then buy the baby plastic pool early. Buy it now! Just sitting in the kiddie pool will make all the difference, plus the baby will be able to use it later. Don’t forget the sunscreen when enjoying the sunshine and the water.

Next time you go your local retailer, find a squirt bottle and buy it. Fill it with cold water and keep it with you to mist yourself with whenever you feel the heat starting to set in.

Now’s the Time for A/C

If you have survived summers before without air conditioning then you know you will encounter some hot days. Fans only cool things down so much. But when you are pregnant during the summer, having air conditioning is nearly mandatory in order to survive it without feeling like you are going to sweat to death. Invest in an a/c unit, hang out at your mama’s air conditioned house, visit the mall, etc. Go where there is cold air from an actual air conditioning system to keep your body temperature in check rather than trying to fight the heat around the clock with a box fan.

Breathable Fabrics

Clothing is of the utmost importance when pregnant during the hot summer months. To cut down on sweating, invest in some breathable fabrics to keep you cooler. In addition, a lot of women suffer from heat rash in all the wrong spots (abdomen, thighs, under the breasts) and breathable fabrics will prevent this from happening.




9 Reasons Why Laughter Will Save Your Life

If you are looking for a way to naturally boost your immune system, fight infections, decrease stress, and have more of those awesome ‘feel-good chemicals’ in your body for free and without struggle, there is really an answer. It is simpler than you think. A good laugh truly is medicine for your mind and body alike.

Did you know laughter actually can ease or temporarily relieve pain?

The powerful and potent effect laughter has on us is amazing. The benefit of a good laugh can bring everything back together when it feels like it’s falling apart. Burdens are lightened, inspirations take place, people connect, and anger is able to release from the body when a good laugh happens. The renewing and healing powers of laughter is not only awe-striking but it is easy and most of all—fun!

Check out the 9 reasons why laughter can improve and extend your life while putting you right in the middle of a happy and well balanced mindset and body.

Blood Pressure Benefits

The fact is if you can lower your blood pressure, then you lower your risk for heart attack and stroke. Obviously, if you can use laughter to lower your blood pressure then it is a must for doing at least 15 minutes a day!

The Feel Good Chemical

The release of endorphins benefit the body in many ways, including relieving pain and feeling good. Laughter creates the release of endorphins and is a natural remedy for chronic pain and an alternative to medications with side-effects and high costs.

Helping to Get 6-Pack Abs

Okay, so laughter won’t actually result in 6-pack abs, but it will help to tone the abdominal muscles. The stomach muscles expand and contract from laughter in a similar manner as to when they are exercised intentionally. If you add laughter to the list of to-do exercises for your ab workout, then you will see a jollier and more toned belly.

Immunity Boost

There are special immunity cells in your body waiting to be activated for use. They are called T-cells. These T-cells are activated by the act of laughter. So, if you feel a cold coming on or the flu setting in, get started with deep gutted chuckling to get fast and effective medicine for free and fun!

Overall Wellness and Health

Your overall sense of well-being is actually improved with laughter. There have been cases where doctors have found people with a negative outlook on life tend to have a lessened ability to fight off disease than those who have a positive outlook on life. Those people with an optimistic and positive point of view typically had a stronger immune system that was much more effective at fighting off infection, illness, and disease. This translates into a longer life span.

Kicking Stress to the Curb

You can kick stress to the curb by reducing your stress hormones with laughter as your medicine. Additionally, anxiety is lessened. The reduction in stress hormones also boosts the performance of the immune system. Simply laughing and enjoying one sit-com or joke with a co-worker can cut stress from the day while delivering other health benefits. The best thing is you can laugh most anytime.

Heart Health Help

One incredible benefit to laughter is the improvement in cardiac health. People who are sick or injured are often incapable of enduring a cardio workout but laughter can take its place on a moment’s notice. Laughter results in getting a person’s heart pumping and burning calories, similar to a moderately paced walk. So, go ahead and laugh your way into better heart health.

Stopping You from Going Coo-Coo

When life gets hard, so does your ability to stay mentally focused and on track. However, laughter gives amazing benefits to the mind. So the next time you feel like a challenge or hurdle has you questioning your sanity, pop in a funny movie and laugh your way back into normalcy again. Laughter eases the tensions of the day, helps to get rid of anxiety, adds joy to life, improves a person’s mood instantly, and delivers an overall extra punch of zest to life!

The Life of the Party

Let’s face it….most everyone would rather spend their time socializing with a smiling and laughing person at a party versus the person sitting in the corner looking grumpy. However, it is those people that need laughter the most! While every day is not a party, life is definitely a social event. Laughter is attractive and brings other people to us. It helps to get rid of conflict while also promoting group and family bonding. Teamwork is enhanced and relationships are strengthened. When conflict just won’t seem to go away, opt for a dose of laughter instead.

8 Health Benefits of Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil comes from Nigella Sativa plant seeds native to Asia. Arabic and Indian folklore referred to these seeds as the “seeds of blessing” attributing to the powerful ability of the plant to treat asthma, ease inflammation, aid in digestive issues, and treat multiple other ailments of the body. Read on to learn 8 amazing health benefits of BSO.


Black seed oil was used in a study conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research and the findings were very promising. The study showed the power of black seed oil in the prevention and management of Type 1 AND Type 2 diabetes. Their findings showed the oil caused the pancreatic cells to partially regenerate. This lowered both serum insulin concentrations and previously high serum glucose levels. The study mentioned the improvement of glucose tolerance from the oil performing as well as a popular diabetes drug, but without the side effects. (Do not stop taking any prescription medication without consulting your physician).


Black seed oil has been shown to have powerful cancer cell fighting properties. Thymoquinone is the active compound in the oil and has multiple benefits. These include the reduction of size in malignant colon tumors, induction of cell death in breast and pancreatic cancer cells, and help in stopping the spears of cancer.


For those worried about liver damage, black see oil can be very helpful. It works to rejuvenate the antioxidants depleted in the body after radiation or other radioactive chemical exposure. It has been shown to protect against liver damage normally incurred from the effects of toxic metals. Black seed oil can be used in cases of hepatic ischemia reperfusion injury in combination with other treatments.


The anti-inflammatory effects of black seed oil are powerful. The thymoquinone compound is effective in decreasing inflammation of the body, including in cases of osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis. The compound works to inhibit inflammation causing substances. This also is helpful for those fighting allergies. Scientists have confirmed the ability of the compound to inhibit the molecules that cause inflammation in the lungs from an allergic source. After using BSO for two weeks—people suffering from allergic rhinitis should start to see relief from the symptoms of congestion, itchy/ runny nose, sneezing attacks, and excess mucus.


Acne is found to be healed with the potent powers of black seed oil. Applying it topically has endless benefits, including anti-aging magic. The anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and immunomodulatory properties have numerous benefits to the health of the skin. Research has shown acne can be resolved in less than two months by incorporating black seed oil into the daily skin regimen.

Infection and Yeast

A huge problem in the medical field is the current state of antifungal and antibacterial resistance. Researchers and scientists have already been spending time thinking outside of the box for solutions. Black seed oil is a promising one in itself, as it has already been found to help stop the growth of candida yeast and staph infections. Since the modern diet is full of processed sugars, it is wonderful news to hear BSO may work to fight candida.

Body Weight

Weight loss is attributed to many healthy ways of life, but one of them not normally considered is oil. However, black seed oil works to promote weight loss because its ability to decrease inflammation while improving glucose tolerance in the body. Adding in the benefits to liver health, the results are a great contribution towards achieving a normal body weight, without the hidden dangers of fad dieting.

Immune System

As mentioned previously, black seed oil works in prevention radiation damage to the body. Consuming the oil is a great way for naturally increasing your own immunity. The oil has the power to restore the body’s fight against lethal and viral infections alike. The black seed oil works to enhance the T-cells in the body. They are also called the ‘Killer-T cells.’

Purchasing BSO

When searching for black seed oil make sure the product is organic, cold-pressed, and packaged in a dark glass. There should be no additives in the black seed oil if it is truly pure. There are other names black seed oil may be packaged under; including black cumin oil and black oil. Read the ingredient list to verify you are spending your money on a pure product. Amazon, the internet, and local health food stores are all places you can find black seed oil for sale.

9 Prescription-Free Painkillers in Your Kitchen

Prescription medications seem to be a combined simultaneous solution and problem for aches and pains in America. More and more, women are looking for natural ways at home to get rid of their pain and ailments. A lot of women may not realize just how many natural painkillers are sitting inside their very own kitchen, ready to fight painful misery on a moment’s notice without risky side effects or jacked up pharmaceutical costs.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Heartburn

By consuming a glass of water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before each meal, heartburn can be cleared up in as little as a day. The tartaric and malic acids in the ACV work as strong digestive aids that speeds up the breakdown of proteins and fats in the body, so the stomach can empty quickly and before the esophagus ends up with food in it and causing heartburn pain.

Horseradish Hacks Sinus Problems

Sinusitis is a common chronic health problem affecting women all over the world. You may feel achy throughout your entire body, plus be dealing with awful facial pain and congestion. But with horseradish, you can kick this problem in the butt! Horseradish works naturally to open and drain sinuses clogged and infected. The results are seen much quicker than from using a decongestant spray. Get one tsp. of horseradish into your diet two times a day until symptoms are gone.

Ginger Puts Pain Away

Ginger contains a powerful compound named gingerols that works in the prevention of pain-triggering hormone production. Using ginger everyday to ease joint and muscle pain, stiffness, and swelling. Getting ginger in your diet is easy. Take a morning health shot containing ginger or add 1-2 teaspoons to daily meals.

Cloves for Curing Toothaches

UCLA researchers have said the gentle chewing on a clove can have pain relieving advantages for a full two hours. Gum inflammation and tooth pain benefit from the natural anesthetic of eugenol found in cloves.

Cherries Chase Headache Pain Away

Studies show nearly 25% of women struggle with chronic headaches, gout, or arthritis, as well as the painful symptoms associated with them. Consuming a bowl of cherries can ease the aches and pains, plus without the side effects of over the counter painkillers. The compound anthocyanin found in cherries delivers an anti-inflammatory punch that is over 10 times stronger than aspirin and ibuprofen. This compounds also helps shut down enzymes causing inflammation, so they work well in the prevention and treatment of pain. Getting in 15 – 30 cherries a day is a great way to eat away the pain.

Honey Heals Mouth Pain and Sores

Use unpasteurized honey to dab on your painful cold sores and canker sores 4 to 5 times daily until the wound disappears. Honey has been show to heal faster than prescription creams—up to 43% faster! Raw honey has natural enzymes that work wonders in healing damaged body tissue, getting rid of inflammation, and killing invading viruses.

Oats for Ending Endometriosis Pain

Women suffering from endometriosis may endure days, weeks, or even months of severe cramping that has resulted from the heavy inflammation on the outside of the uterus. A daily bowl of oats can possibly end the pain. Scientists have said an oat-rich diet can help to minimize the cramping pain within a period of six month for up to 60% of women. Colombia University’s Professor of Medicine Peter Green, M.D. comments gluten is a protein trouble-maker that causes inflammation for women suffering from endometriosis, and oats does not contain gluten.

Grapes Give TLC to Back Pain Sufferers

Ohio State University has released studies suggesting that eating a large cup of grapes every day can work towards relieving back pain. Their research states it is often relieved within three short hours of eating the little balls of goodness. Grapes work in relaxing tight blood vessels in the back, which in turn improves the blood flow to back tissue that is damaged. The vertebrae and discs are dependent on healthy blood flow to bring them oxygen and healing nutrients, making grapes an excellent choice for relieving back pain naturally at home.

Blueberries Blast Bladder Infections

Tannins are a plant compound found in blueberries. Tannins make themselves at home on the problem causing bacteria found in the bladder, preventing them from creating an infection. Eating blueberries in any form; juice, fresh, or frozen is beneficial and can cut the risk of getting a urinary tract infection by up 60% per New Jersey’s Rutgers University researchers. One cup a day is recommended for optimal benefit.


Those suffering from painful conditions and diseases continue to seek alternatives to harsh medicines and the side effects of powerful treatments, but most of it can start in the same place you prepare your daily meals. Start discovering the power of earth’s painkillers to kick your pain to the curb! Plus, it’s much nicer to think about shopping the farmer’s market for painkillers versus visiting the local drug store filled with sick people waiting for prescriptions.