9 Reasons Why Laughter Will Save Your Life

If you are looking for a way to naturally boost your immune system, fight infections, decrease stress, and have more of those awesome ‘feel-good chemicals’ in your body for free and without struggle, there is really an answer. It is simpler than you think. A good laugh truly is medicine for your mind and body alike.

Did you know laughter actually can ease or temporarily relieve pain?

The powerful and potent effect laughter has on us is amazing. The benefit of a good laugh can bring everything back together when it feels like it’s falling apart. Burdens are lightened, inspirations take place, people connect, and anger is able to release from the body when a good laugh happens. The renewing and healing powers of laughter is not only awe-striking but it is easy and most of all—fun!

Check out the 9 reasons why laughter can improve and extend your life while putting you right in the middle of a happy and well balanced mindset and body.

Blood Pressure Benefits

The fact is if you can lower your blood pressure, then you lower your risk for heart attack and stroke. Obviously, if you can use laughter to lower your blood pressure then it is a must for doing at least 15 minutes a day!

The Feel Good Chemical

The release of endorphins benefit the body in many ways, including relieving pain and feeling good. Laughter creates the release of endorphins and is a natural remedy for chronic pain and an alternative to medications with side-effects and high costs.

Helping to Get 6-Pack Abs

Okay, so laughter won’t actually result in 6-pack abs, but it will help to tone the abdominal muscles. The stomach muscles expand and contract from laughter in a similar manner as to when they are exercised intentionally. If you add laughter to the list of to-do exercises for your ab workout, then you will see a jollier and more toned belly.

Immunity Boost

There are special immunity cells in your body waiting to be activated for use. They are called T-cells. These T-cells are activated by the act of laughter. So, if you feel a cold coming on or the flu setting in, get started with deep gutted chuckling to get fast and effective medicine for free and fun!

Overall Wellness and Health

Your overall sense of well-being is actually improved with laughter. There have been cases where doctors have found people with a negative outlook on life tend to have a lessened ability to fight off disease than those who have a positive outlook on life. Those people with an optimistic and positive point of view typically had a stronger immune system that was much more effective at fighting off infection, illness, and disease. This translates into a longer life span.

Kicking Stress to the Curb

You can kick stress to the curb by reducing your stress hormones with laughter as your medicine. Additionally, anxiety is lessened. The reduction in stress hormones also boosts the performance of the immune system. Simply laughing and enjoying one sit-com or joke with a co-worker can cut stress from the day while delivering other health benefits. The best thing is you can laugh most anytime.

Heart Health Help

One incredible benefit to laughter is the improvement in cardiac health. People who are sick or injured are often incapable of enduring a cardio workout but laughter can take its place on a moment’s notice. Laughter results in getting a person’s heart pumping and burning calories, similar to a moderately paced walk. So, go ahead and laugh your way into better heart health.

Stopping You from Going Coo-Coo

When life gets hard, so does your ability to stay mentally focused and on track. However, laughter gives amazing benefits to the mind. So the next time you feel like a challenge or hurdle has you questioning your sanity, pop in a funny movie and laugh your way back into normalcy again. Laughter eases the tensions of the day, helps to get rid of anxiety, adds joy to life, improves a person’s mood instantly, and delivers an overall extra punch of zest to life!

The Life of the Party

Let’s face it….most everyone would rather spend their time socializing with a smiling and laughing person at a party versus the person sitting in the corner looking grumpy. However, it is those people that need laughter the most! While every day is not a party, life is definitely a social event. Laughter is attractive and brings other people to us. It helps to get rid of conflict while also promoting group and family bonding. Teamwork is enhanced and relationships are strengthened. When conflict just won’t seem to go away, opt for a dose of laughter instead.