Female Oriented Well-Being/Health

Although there aren’t two women that are alike in this world, we all do have one ailment in common that we suffer from and that’s stress. You can run, scream, cry, try to hide from it and it may go away for awhile but keep your guard up because it’s sure to rear it’s ugly head again sometime later in life. It’s kind of an inevitable thing that we all have to, well, just deal with. Although it’s something that we can’t avoid, we can learn how to be better managers of it. You may be thinking that you have heard it all before and have even tried to manage it but was unsuccessful and just found yourself becoming even more frustrated and stressed out. To be honest, there is no one right or wrong way to handle stress, you really have to try different methods and figure out what’s best for you. It’s a test and trial type of thing, however, once you find something that works, you have to dig deep and stick with it. They say that if you stick with something for at least a minimum of thirty days then it becomes a habit. Gradually form the habit and kick the stress right out of your life and never look back.

Stress Management Techniques

These stress management techniques can help you gain control over your life.


Simply completely clear your mind and just put your full attention on your breathing. Close your eyes and touch your belly with your hand. Inhale slowly and deeply, then exhale in the same manner. Take the time to feel every breath taken and every breath let out. This assists in slowing down your heart rate and actually helps to lower blood pressure levels.

Be Present in the Moment

We all are so busy with life that we neglect the time to be in the present moment. It helps to just slow down for a few and listen to the birds chirp, feel the wind breeze, or take in the sights at the park. It’s really nice to take a couple of minutes each day to really enjoy and pay attention to the current conditions that are surroundings us that day, at a particular moment.

Talk It Out

Reach out to your support group. I mean, isn’t that what they are there for? Your friend friends and family should be able to make time to really listen to you when you are going through a crisis or just stressing out about whatever is happening in your life. That way you can release the strains  and pressure that you are feeling and they may be able to give you new insight and ideas on how to handle or deal with the issues.

Enjoy a Hobby

Get out there and enjoy life! Try out a sport that you have been dying to try or take that exercise class that you have been putting off. Do something fun and exciting for yourself. It takes focus off the stress and puts it on you and just living life to it’s fullest. Being active and can actually ease anxiety and depression and releases the “feel-good” chemicals to the brain. Go have fun, you deserve!

Do Something for Someone Else

I know you may not be in the mood to be generous and do things for others but you have no idea how much this helps you destress. Being a help to someone else really soothes the soul and helps you take your mind off of your stress and worries. Sometimes helping doesn’t involve doing anything physical for someone, just being a listening ear, playing cards, or having lunch with someone helps brighten their spirit. The feeling that you get when you know you have helped make someone else’s life better is an indescribable feeling.

Taking Control of Your Life

You really have total control of your life but when you let stress come and mess up the order, you completely lose it. Don’t let that happen. Be the master of your destiny and take back the control by practicing the techniques listed above. Be the strong woman that you are and are known to be and prepare to face stress head on and take back control. I promise you won’t regret it.