Here’s Why I Fell in Love with Home Chef

If your life is anything like mine, you know it can get crazy.  Between juggling work, grocery shopping, finishing up all the daily errands and taking care of the household, sometimes meal planning slips through the cracks.  But, I don’t care how busy my life gets, I still want the satisfaction of eating a home-cooked meal at least two or three times a week.  

I’ve tried several meal kits to help me through this and found out that Home Chef offers the best option for getting fresh and super easy meals on the dinner table. I’ve really grown to love this service… and let me tell you why.

First, there are tons of different kinds of choices.  With 18 rotating menu choices to pick from, including express meals, Snappy Snacks, Entree Salads, and Oven Ready meals, there is something for every night of the week–no matter what is going on!  If I want to amp things up with something super classy, I’ll try a Culinary Collection meal or if I need dinner made fast, I’ll choose the express meals that are designed to be ready in 15 minutes. On weeks where I’m especially trying to eat better, I’ll look for the calorie and carb-conscious dishes, so I can make smart choices for myself.

Second, the variety of delicious foods keeps Home Chef interesting.  There’s always new recipes that take familiar flavors and give them a nice twist.  Some of my favorites are BBQ Ranch Chicken with Cheesy Potatoes and Corn or Baja Fish Tacos. Yummy!

Third, Home Chef ’s recipes are very easy to cook on a nightly basis, with the convenience of having everything you need ready-to-go. The simple step-by-step recipe pages walk you through everything that you need to do.  I know exactly how long each meal will take to cook and I’m not wasting a bunch of ingredients because Home Chef sends just what you need for each recipe. 

All of these things–the choices for each night of the week, tasty meals, the super easy recipes–have made my busy nights a lot easier. 

Should you try Home Chef?  100% Yes!

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