How to Survive Your Pregnant Summer without Sweating to Death

If you are already pregnant, then you know the hot days of summer are quickly approaching and that may frighten you. Humidity, heat, and the sun can be uncomfortable for the majority of people, but pregnant women endure a much greater toll of misery. For those with babies due in the summer and early fall, there is help to keep you cooler than you think, so don’t fret! With these tips, you can avoid feeling like you are roasting inside during the summer months.


Although you know you cannot drink alcohol, that doesn’t mean you should lessen your intake of fluids while carrying around your soon to be newborn. In fact, during the hot summer months, you need to add to your water and/or fluid intake to prevent dehydration. Normally, you need approximately two liters a day of clear liquids, but during the summer months you have to drink an extra eight ounces an hour while in the heat to accommodate for what you will sweat out.


People from all over love an icy cocktail on a hot summer day, but being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of this summer tradition. Of course, you dock the alcohol! Fun, icy, slushy drinks are not only delicious on a hot summer afternoon but they will help you from getting overheated. Grab cute coconut and beach themed cups from your local retailer for your yummy frozen cocktails. Combine a light splash of lime and mango juice to chilled seltzer water for a cold cocktail packed with iron and vitamin C. Prop your feet up, pretend you are at the beach staring at the ocean, and take a long chilly drink to cool off.


A great way to chill out a pregnant roasting woman is to eat a Popsicle. Instead of throwing tons of sugar and unnecessary calories down your throat from the frozen section of the grocery, make your own popsicles at home. Separate out your own selection of strawberries/blueberries, walnuts and Greek/nonfat yogurt. Combine them to a thickened state and then pour into Popsicle molds. Your sweet tooth get what it wants while your pregnant body gets much needed antioxidants, calcium, fiber, and omega 3’s in a frozen treat. If you pick up a cooler basket or cooler, you can pack them with you when out and about.


When it just seems that you cannot cool down no matter what you do, there is a simple solution. Take a dip in water. Going for a swim or even a simple dip in the pool will lower your body temperature (Yay!!) plus you enjoy the benefits of easing the stress on squished organs (normal during pregnancy) while getting a fabulous low-impact workout. Imagine staying cool during a calorie burn when pregnant! Every mama-to-be deserves to show off the belly in the summer, so don’t you are shy away from the pool.

Worst case scenario, if you don’t have access to a pool, then buy the baby plastic pool early. Buy it now! Just sitting in the kiddie pool will make all the difference, plus the baby will be able to use it later. Don’t forget the sunscreen when enjoying the sunshine and the water.

Next time you go your local retailer, find a squirt bottle and buy it. Fill it with cold water and keep it with you to mist yourself with whenever you feel the heat starting to set in.

Now’s the Time for A/C

If you have survived summers before without air conditioning then you know you will encounter some hot days. Fans only cool things down so much. But when you are pregnant during the summer, having air conditioning is nearly mandatory in order to survive it without feeling like you are going to sweat to death. Invest in an a/c unit, hang out at your mama’s air conditioned house, visit the mall, etc. Go where there is cold air from an actual air conditioning system to keep your body temperature in check rather than trying to fight the heat around the clock with a box fan.

Breathable Fabrics

Clothing is of the utmost importance when pregnant during the hot summer months. To cut down on sweating, invest in some breathable fabrics to keep you cooler. In addition, a lot of women suffer from heat rash in all the wrong spots (abdomen, thighs, under the breasts) and breathable fabrics will prevent this from happening.