Top 3 Benefits of Yoga Exercise for Women

Even though Yoga can be done by both men and women, it is still an exercise mostly done by women. A whopping 83% of yoga participants are female according to a prominent Yoga journal. Men just don’t get involved in Yoga for a number of reasons. Most women do Yoga for a number of reasons. It is the type of exercise that not only helps your physical health but your mental health as well. When both mind and body receive the proper attention and exercise, life is more stimulating. And oftentimes, physical exercise affects your mental state and vice versa.

One of the best forms of exercises that help both physical and mental stamina is Yoga. It has gained enormous popularity in recent decades. If you practice yoga on a daily basis, there are 3 great benefits associated with it. Yoga can possibly prevent certain diseases. You can engage in yoga at home, at a fitness center, or with a fitness trainer. And you can get a good strength conditioning, muscle toning, and aerobic workout in about 20-30 minutes. That’s a complete workout without using multiple equipment or doing different types of exercise. Also, Yoga is a safe workout for pregnant women who want to keep in shape throughout their pregnancy.

Physical Health

Women are becoming more prone to certain diseases such as diabetes, digestive disorders, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, headaches, insomnia, and obesity, Yoga is a natural way to prevent and cure these ailments as opposed to taking medication all your life. Not to mention, the money you will save. Yoga involves a great deal of back exercises to strengthen the back. It helps strengthens and flexes the spine. Yoga improves your blood circulation, strengthens your immune system, and maintains blood pressure and cholesterol.

Yoga Increases Stamina and Flexibility

Stretching is great and very important for women at different stages in their life. Whether you’re pregnant, in menopause, or an older woman, stretching is good for your muscles, joints and breathing. And stretching the wrong way, not enough, or even too much can cause injuries. Yoga allows women to stretch the proper way. Although it may be difficult to do at first, just keep on doing it and eventually you will notice your body becoming more flexible.

This allows your body to stretch and become more flexible, which in turn, helps your stamina, balance, coordination, and an increased ability to engage in other types of physical exercise. It strengthens your bones and muscles while stretching them at the same time, and this can be done without lifting weights. An increase in stamina and flexibility can prevent sustaining future injuries. For pregnant women, it can help strengthen your pelvic bone and make the childbirth process go smoother.

Mental Health

Mental issues such as stress and depression have increased among women, but yoga can help calm your nerves, lower your stress levels, and reduce your chances of depression. It improves your concentration and reduces stress. If you can’t sleep or suffer from insomnia, stressed over certain things, or even suffer from bouts of depression, yoga can help cure these conditions. First, exercise will get your mind off of your worries and problems. Yoga will help release tension and headaches by improving circulation throughout the brain and body. And Yoga provides mental clarity.

Even though yoga doesn’t look like you’re doing much – some would say it’s just a lot of stretching – but the fact is that it is a form of great physical exercise. It is just as effective as aerobics, muscle strengthening or weight lifting for the body. There are a number of pieces of equipment that can be used along with yoga to make it more effective too. Pilates is similar to Yoga and can be used along with different Yoga moves to enhance your workout, increase your stamina, coordination, and overall health.

Women live very busy lives these days working, raising children, and taking care of themselves, yoga is not only a good strengthening workout it also boosts energy levels and stimulates the mind. Although it may be difficult at first, especially if you aren’t use to stretching or are not very flexible, eventually you’ll get more comfortable with the movements and be able to incorporate yoga in your daily lifestyle.



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