7 Things to Do Before Your Baby is Born

I’m the type of person who gets through life with lists – daily to-do lists, grocery lists, lists of podcasts to listen to, books to read, future vacation spots, and even restaurants I want to try. The *list* goes on!

So it’s not surprising that I had a long list of items to buy, things to do, and appointments to make before my baby was born. I want to share a few things that I did that kept me sane, and a few I wish I had done before the big day.

You never know when your baby is going to arrive so it’s best to do this weeks ahead of time, just in case. I packed a bag for me, a bag for baby, and even a small bag for my husband, and had them all sitting in the closet by our front door for a month ahead of time.

Must haves: toiletries, slippers, socks (for both you and baby), a notebook and pen, a folder (so much paperwork!), hair ties, nursing pads and bras, Lanolin, a nursing pillow, burp rags, an outfit to go home in (for both you and baby), and your birth plan.

This seems like a no brainer, but believe it or not, some people forget to do this crucial step. You don’t want to be rushing to get the car seat installed when your water breaks. This, like packing your bags, should be done a few weeks ahead of time just to be safe.

If you have any questions or need assistance, most fire and police departments have trained specialists to assist you in free car seat installation and inspection. Check your local government website for more details.

You may be surprised by how many diapers your baby will go through (about 10-12/day), so stocking up now is essential! I decided to buy strictly Huggies when I found out about their rewards program and it has saved me so much money!

You earn points for every Huggies purchase which you then can redeem for more diapers, gift cards (my favorite!), toys, or even donate diapers to people in need. They even send you exclusive coupons and offers. You’re already buying diapers, might as well get something in return for it! Sign up here!

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Yes, I said two. Why you ask? To keep me sane in the middle of the night. I layer the first waterproof mattress pad, then a fitted sheet, then another mattress pad, and finally another fitted sheet. So when my little one has an accident or throws up in the middle of the night, I simply take off the first layer, and the second protective layer is already in place. No stressing about washing sheets and remaking the bed in the middle of the night! It’s worth the little bit of extra money!

You won’t have much free time to clean house when your baby arrives. So get the house cleaned, dusted, vacuumed, and if you can, even get your carpets cleaned. I rented a rug doctor 2 weeks before my due date, and not only did it look great and make my house smell so fresh, It also made me feel better about letting my little one roll around on the floor.

This may seem silly, but a little extra “glam” goes a long way after having a baby. Take some time, relax, and pamper yourself. Not only will it make you feel a bit more put together in the days and weeks following your baby’s arrival, but it will look nice in pictures. And believe me, there are going to be more than a few photo ops.

If you haven’t gotten the message yet, let me tell you, your hands will be full most of the day once your baby arrives. Cooking healthy and delicious meals will unfortunately not be at the top of your priority list so it’s best to cook and freeze as many meals as you can now. My husband and I planned out our favorite meals and spent a whole day cooking together, portioning out, labeling and freezing them. It was a fun day-date!

But most importantly, get excited, try to relax and go with the flow!

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